Talent Management

Performance excellence.

Our talent management services include organizational design and systems planning, succession planning, governance, board, and CEO evaluation, and more.

Organizational Design and Systems Planning

We also help our clients to respond to the changing needs of customers or stakeholders by assisting senior leaders to define what change will look like and the likely impacts on their businesses. We can collect stakeholder and employee feedback, and confidentially and respectfully synthesize the information so that it can be used to lever organizational strengths and build upon areas for development. Each project we undertake involves a customized approach tailored to the organizational context, ensuring that leaders receive value for their investment.

Leadership Development and Succession Planning: We work with Boards and leadership teams to identify leadership requirements, typically within a 3-5 year planning horizon. We have developed processes to help organizations evaluate the current talent mix and evaluate internal candidates who could potentially step into larger leadership roles with appropriate training and development support. This is a systematic process of ensuring that organizations and high potential candidates benefit from an ongoing investment in talent development.

Organizational Reviews: We engage with organizations, specific divisions or departments to assess the mandate, organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, and workflow. We serve as a strategic advisor in assessing and making recommendations to enhance organizational capacity. We advise clients on the changing needs of stakeholders by assisting senior leaders to define what change will look like and the likely impacts on their businesses. Each mandate is customized to the organizational context and desired future state.

360 Reviews: We undertake independent, confidential 360 reviews of Boards, CEOs, executive teams and report on areas for improvement and priority. The program can include one-on-one interviews, group discussions or psychological assessments.

Climate and Culture Assessments: Organizations are paying more attention to corporate climate and whether it is respectful and inclusive to accommodate diverse perspectives and understanding. We undertake assessments of an organization’s culture to determine areas for progress and gaps or barriers to high functioning organizations.

Executive and Leadership Coaching: We help organizations enable the leadership growth of high performers. Our experienced executive coaches each have over 20 years of executive experience, many in operational and strategic roles.  Their scope includes support of high potential performers, leadership transitions, and specific issue interventions. Our programs include comprehensive assessment processes where we carefully match clients with an appropriate leadership coach. Our programs target practical performance goals and objectives, and we liaise with a client’s manager, human resource leadership, or a Board chair, as appropriate.

Governance, Board, and CEO Evaluation

Board Governance: We work with Boards from all sectors, both private and public, as champions of strong, accountable and transparent Board Governance. We have depth in the board/executive relationship and experience in comprehensive policy and long-range planning, training and development opportunities, Board member recruitment and development, succession planning, and Board evaluation.

Successful stewardship involves the commitment of the members, competence in key facets of Board operation, encouragement of diversity of opinion, and full membership support for collective decision-making. We have extensive experience working with Boards from all sectors in the areas of:

  • Policy development
  • Establishment of mission and vision
  • Strategic planning
  • Board and executive development and evaluation
  • Succession planning
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Executive compensation and evaluation

Labour Relations Strategy

At Royer Thompson, we make the labour-management connection work harder and smarter to achieve sustained organizational success by fully integrating change management efforts to lower corporate risk.

Management relies on strategic Labour Relations programs and advisory services to ensure effective and productive labour-management relationships. Royer Thompson consultants have extensive experience in public and private sector labour relations environments, planning negotiations strategy, and supporting the effective resolution of issues.

For questions or inquiries about Talent Management, please contact Mildred Royer.

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