Bill Maes


Bill Maes has been actively engaged with libraries since 1975 and has always been a staunch proponent of collaboration and cooperation in order to achieve the greatest success and satisfaction among library users.

As University Librarian at Dalhousie from 1998 - 2011, he brought his passion for collaboration and cooperation with him and sought opportunities wherever possible to encourage colleagues in similar ways of thinking. With other members of the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) and as Chair, he actively participated in and promoted the establishment of the Canadian Site Licensing Project (now known as CRKN) to fast track the introduction of electronic journals in all major academic libraries. In full collaboration with the University of New Brunswick and Memorial University of Newfoundland, he helped create the East Coast Relais Consurtium which ulimately provided automated interlibrary loan and document delivery services to all universities within the Atlantic region. With the Provincial Library, and as a member of Novanet, he actively participated in the committee which led to the establishment of the Nova Scotia Library marking the beginning of a new era of collaboration between public and academic libraries in Nova Scotia.

Previously, in his role as Director of the Office of Library and Information Services at the University of Regina from 1990 - 1998, Mr. Maes served as Chair of SRNet, the initial Internet provider for Saskatchewan, and was responsible for all computing and library services at the University. An active member of the Dean's team, he served as a member of the selection committees for the Vice President, Administrative Services, the Associate Vice President Research and Dean of Graduate Studies, and the Director of the Canadian Plains Research Centre who ultiimately became the current Vice President Academic at Saint Mary's University.

Mr. Maes has valued consulting experience having served as a member of committees to review the University of Northern British Columbia Library, the Ryerson University Library, the University of New Brunswick Library, and the Carleton University Library. Most recently he conducted a review of the existing library agreement between St. Thomas University and the University of New Brunswick at the request of both universities.

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