The Rise of Career Transition Services

Given the accelerated change of pace occurring within companies today, employee exits are more common than ever. Whether due to downsizing, restructuring or retooling of skill sets, the impact of departures is difficult for those who leave and those who remain within the company to carry on.

Thoughtful planning, empathy and a desire to treat those leaving the organization with respect goes a long way to soften the impact on everyone. Having an independent specialist on site to facilitate the process helps employees begin their transition more readily and, sooner than later, focus on re-employment and their next chapter. Based on our twenty years of supporting people at this emotional and uncertain time, a big worry is speaking to family and friends about their circumstances. They worry about losing contact with former colleagues who are friends and part of their social network.

Practical concerns such as finances, re-employment prospects, interviews, references, and retaining can be over whelming especially for anyone who has dedicated a majority of their working life to one company. A well structured, customized and holistic plan can make a huge difference in helping people take advantage of the “time out” to retool, refresh and redeploy. The relatively modest investment companies make to ensure the outplacement goes smoothly is paid forward again and again. Resiliency within the team, employee engagement, and reputation as a good employer, are benefits of handling difficult circumstances in a way that keeps people whole.

At best, handled properly, those exiting will reflect well on their company, their contribution to its success and its future prospects. After all, they are alumni and their influence cannot be under-estimated in how future employees, customers, and investors view your company.

Let’s get outplacement right.

Together let’s share best practices of Career Transition by completing the following survey. I will be posting the results once tabulated, stay tuned!

Elizabeth Dauphinee, Managing Partner / Practice Lead Career Transition

Elizabeth provides a full range of recruitment and career development services for clients in Atlantic Canada. She leads our practice in the provision of career transition services and programs. Drawing from her knowledge of assessment processes, competency development and job search techniques, she enables individuals to identify and target successful re-entry into employment situations that “fit” with their personal goals. She also supports the firm’s recruitment projects by conducting in-depth industry research, preliminary applicant screenings, and comprehensive reference checks.